Custom video conferencing for your project or organization.
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Video conferencing is a necessity these days, and your specific needs might be best met with a custom solution, using the industry standard protocol WebRTC.

You may need a special feature in the end user's chat interface. bspoke can build that custom app.

Do you already have a product that needs video conferencing features added in? bspoke's software has been implemented in digital audio workstations, video games, help desks, and more.

You may need special adminstration logic to integrate video conferencing into your existing back-end systems. bspoke can do that too.

You may not need any custom code at all, but want to setup and run your own private video conferencing solution. This may be to get the highest quality video conferencing, which is not available on platforms used by millions. Or for protecting intellectual property and other security reasons. bspoke can get you setup and running with your own private video conferencing server.

If one or more of these situations applies to your project, get in touch at